Welcome to the Heaven on Earth center!

Looking for a place where you can remember more and more the magic of life and feel inspired to recognize life as a miracle?

Looking for an environment that promotes wellbeing, where you can benefit from Feng Shui and Aromatherapy, where you can have a meaningful meeting with like-minded people over hot tea or a fresh organic lemonade?

heaven on earth

Welcome to Heaven On Earth – A place for self-discovery.

Learn more about the non-physical world that surrounds you and connect more deeply with your Higher Self.  Enjoy a REIKI session, join us for workshops and classes and improve your life in a wholistic way.

The Heaven on Earth center is located both in Los Angeles (near the Westfield Mall in West Covina) and everywhere, since part of my offer will be online workshops and distance healing. For more information join our REIKI Community Meetup or use the contact form and I will be happy to answer any questions.  You can also text/call (213) 632-9707.

With Love,
Victoria Vives Khuong

heaven on earth . heaven on earth


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Reiki Healing Center

My First Time Channeling Higher Self

This is the transcription of my first Higher Self vocal channeling session. To learn more about it, please visit www.heavenonearthcenter.org/channeling “As a box that wants to open and it has always been available, always close to you, pulsing within you, wanting to speak inside your heart.  Notice it and relax.   It’s your Higher Self….


Are you familiar with the concept of channeling? Channeling is the ability to connect with non-physical, by adjusting one’s frequency of vibration and bringing through information into our physical reality.  We can consider non-physical as: – Something existent only in essence (potential but not manifested) that we bring through inspiration – Or a being existing…