Hi! I am the founder of the Heaven on Earth center and the Higher Self Community. My name is Victoria Vives Khuong which means “Victory Lives Health”.  I am originally from Spain.

I have always been very interested in spirituality, understanding life, life force energy, and also in supporting and guiding others. I remember when I was small, teaching what I learned in school to my grandmother. I also remember always protecting the ones who were less strong. My family often called me “lawyer of poor lawsuits”.

I grew up in a poor neighborhood, often surrounded by people who found not so positive ways to live. I focused on radiating light, empowerment and happiness to others and saw many people transforming thanks to this, however, there were times when I too fell. One of these times was over ten years ago, and I happened to be with a group of friends who wanted to scuba dive in the ocean. I was totally new at this and my spirits were anything but high. So I nearly drowned, had a near death experience, and had to be rescued.

This was a turning point in my life path.  It felt as if I had never been alive before.  I started incessantly reading about spirituality, personal growth, how we perceive our world, how we can transform our life experience, physics, metaphysics, quantum physics, NLP, philosophy… ALL THAT I FOUND. One day during a meditation I had my Kundalini experience, which I didn’t understand or realize that it was such. A very intense spiritual period started. I could feel and see life force energy with great intensity. My lack of understanding and outer guidance made me fear this new experiences. At that time, I didn’t find anyone who understood what was happening to me and could help me. I couldn’t continue my everyday life, so I decided to suppress my sensitivity by getting back into my old routine and activities and forget my spiritual practice.

Soon after, I found a Metaphysics group which brought me great support. I started volunteering with them. We offered laying on hands energy healing – My beginning as a healer. I would normally be in charge of channeling the green ray.

After that, I moved to Los Angeles and didn’t find any groups where I could continue my very much enjoyed practice. I then focused on martial arts. Part of my martial arts training included spiritual, philosophical, and energy aspects which gave me a very well rounded understanding of non-physical. My training laid a foundation of grounding and centeredness, therefore allowing me to feel stable even when experiencing high vibrational energy realms. I now started my Healing practice at home.

Some of my new practices include REIKI, IEH (Intuitive Energy Healing), Psychic Development and Readings, and Channeling (Higher Self).

My wish is to assist anyone and everyone wanting to awaken to their connection to Higher Self; to a Life of Love, Light, Bliss, Happiness, Wealth, and Health; to experience Heaven on Earth.

Because of my intention of being available to many, I offer many opportunities to benefit from my services and classes on a donation base. See my calendar for more information CALENDAR.

I look forward to connecting with you very soon!

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Namaste,

Victoria Vives Khuong
March 2011

You can also visit www.VictoriaVives.com