Are you familiar with the concept of channeling?

Channeling is the ability to connect with non-physical, by adjusting one’s frequency of vibration and bringing through information into our physical reality.  We can consider non-physical as:

- Something existent only in essence (potential but not manifested) that we bring through inspiration
- Or a being existing in a different dimension, whether it is an angel, a guide or somebody who passed away
- Or our soul or Higher Self, the part of us that is eternal and has a broader perspective

This last one is the one I am most interested in.

I often listened to well known vocal channelers learning a lot about how to improve my life experience.  Then I started thinking of the possibility of me doing the same – channeling, but instead of channeling someone else’s energy or their message or even become unconscious during the process, what about still being me? A broader aspect of me. My eternal soul’s perspective.

My search for ways to learn how to do vocal channeling got started! I got into REIKI and Psychic Development classes. These weren’t exactly the things I was looking for, but they were the closest I found to my new endeavor.

I realized how all of these were just different takes on the same path and the most important factor was my intention rather than the specific method.

I finally started reading the book “Opening to channel” and before I even practiced the recommended exercises, I felt ready to dive into my first vocal channeling session. I started recording with my iPhone.

I expanded my perspective to be one with my Higher Self, and I started translating the message I received, without any specific question or purpose besides having a first conversation. When reading the transcription below, you may notice that the information was slow in the beginning and the flow progressively increased.

I was absolutely present and in a state of bliss during the entire process. I received information in many different ways including in the form of images, feelings, and words.  Sometimes I would receive a large idea and sometimes a small fragment that I couldn’t understand until the sentence was complete.

At times I doubted whether this was actually happening or whether I was making it up. Every time my doubt appeared, I received the word “Trust”, and I continued.

The recording lasted for 22 minutes and 10 seconds and it was on 3/22/11.  I love numbers, so I felt that this pattern was beautiful and also powerful from a numerology perspective.

Without further delay, here is the transcription of my first session channeling my Higher Self:

Victoria Vives Khuong

You can also read about one of my first connections with non-physical which happened last year

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